Over-connected ?
Need a digital detox ?

We consult our smartphone around 210 times a day.

At work like at home, the smartphone reduces your attention span for more than 25%

However, it is too useful to stay turned off.

Why Goji?

By wearing your Goji, you start your digital detox by creating new habits.

You free yourself from your digital addiction while staying in touch with your essentials: your family, your meetings, your priorities.

Connect to the essential


Calls / Messages




Alarm clock



Their reviews

«I can leave my smartphone in my bag when I’m in a meeting, if the babysitter tries to call me I know it thanks to the vibrations.»


«My wife is very happy with this jewel, and me too: she finally answers my calls straight away!»


«No more phones on the restaurant table, I can disconnect while staying in touch with what’s important.»


A jewel just like you

Need a unique jewel?
Find the jewel that resemble you and leave your smartphone at the bottom of your bag.

French savoir-faire

Lowly is entirely made in France. No need to go very far to stay connected to your essential!

Free delivery & return

With Lowly, Delivery & return is free!

After-sales Service

Discuss with us in the chat. When we are online, we answer in the minutes that follow your inquiries 🙂