Why Lowly ?

Live in the present moment


2010: that’s the number of time we consult our phones in a day.

At work or at home, the smartphone reduces our attention span for more than 25%.

But, it is still to usefull to stay off.

Lowly osso bijou connecté porté bracelet brun
Lowly Ebene bijou connecté porté bracelet brun

Smart jewelry for Her


To respond to over-connection, we created Lowly.

It allows active women & all connected mum to stay zen throughout their day.

A minimalist design.

Technology shouldn’t pollute our daily life.

Lowly is a smart jewel without a screen, that doesn’t reduces your attention span.

Made in Nantes


At Nantes, we are lucky to be surrounded by technologic and hand-craft affluence.

We wish to promote this richness to women from here or elsewhere.